DISCLAIMER: The following is Engineering Documentation provided by Dell and is a technology preview only. At this time the following configuration is not supported by Dell, Red Hat, or Oracle. The contents of this article should be only viewed as an engineering demonstration.
This document demonstrates how to perform an installation of Oracle RAC 11gR2 ( on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 without the need of ASMLib due to a published metalink note [ID 1089399.1]  that states there will be no ASMLib support for RHEL6, only for OL6 via the Unbreakable Linux Network.
The abstract overview demonstrates how the native udev mechanism within Red Hat Enterprise Linux can be used along with device-mapper-multipath in order to perform the block device ownership requirements needed by Oracle RAC which ASMLib has traditionally been used to configure. From that point, the Dell Oracle Quick Start Guide can be referenced to continue the installation by simply omitting steps that require ASMLib.

In the interest of simplicity I have created an ALPHA release of a gzip'd TAR archive containing RPM Packages that assist in setting up the RHEL6 environment for an Oracle RAC installation.
For the step-by-step guide please refer to the Dell Oracle Solutions Wiki article located here.