Posted on behalf of Tom Harrington from Global Solutions Engineering.

“We are trying to do more with less.”  This is something that we hear our customers say every day.  IT organizations are trying to meet end-user expectations of quick deployment of new workloads and efficient management of existing workloads, while also enforcing strict IT governance.  As a first step to address these needs, many IT organizations have deployed virtualization to gain efficiency, flexibility, and agility within their environment.  Virtualization has enabled companies to respond to end user requests faster than ever before with workloads being provisioned in a few hours, rather than a few days or weeks.  However, end-users continue to ask for more control and faster turnaround of requests and IT organizations need to free themselves of routine provisioning tasks.  Organizations are looking for a way to empower end-users to request and manage workloads in a flexible and efficient environment.  Together, Dell vStart and VIS Creator help to provide this solution. 

Dell vStart is a pre-designed, pre-validated and preconfigured virtualization environment that can be deployed in your environment within a few days, not the weeks that are typically required.  Dell VIS Creator is a workload lifecycle management tool that allows end-users to request, deploy, and manage their own workloads though a web-based self-service portal.  In short, with Dell vStart and Dell VIS Creator, an end-user can go from “I need a workload” to “I have my workload” faster than ever before. 

Selecting from a catalog of IT defined workloads, individual end-users are able to choose and customize their workload to meet their specific needs.  Specific CPU and memory requirements, along with lease time and other customization options, may be provided during the request.  Based on the workload chosen, IT administrators may require a multi-level approval prior to deployment.  The deployment process itself is quick and fully automated.  Once deployed, end-users are able to connect to and manage their workload.  If authorized, end-users may reboot, redeploy or terminate their workloads autonomously.  This automation enables end-users to acquire and manage their workloads quicker than ever, while freeing up IT administers.

Providing this power to end-users requires robust reporting and controls to ensure IT governance is enforced.  VIS Creator controls access to the self-service portal, as illustrated above, by individual end-user or business unit.  Robust access controls and audit logs are in place to ensure appropriate accountability.  Chargeback reports are available, broken down by workloads, user, or individual business units.  To control VM sprawl, reports are available to identify underutilized VMs and request early reclamation of workload. 

As end-user demand for resources grows, the vStart environment can be transparently expanded to provide more virtualized resources.  As illustrated in the image above, with VIS Creator, the business unit workloads may be targeted to a specific vStart, or balanced across all available resources.  

If you are interesting in elevating your Dell vStart environment to a private cloud, contact your sales executive today and ask for more information on “Using Dell VIS Creator with Dell vStart.”