Posted on behalf of Nicholas Wakou, a Systems Engineer / Senior Consultant with the Dell Cloud Computing Solutions. He is a member of the TPC Board of Directors where he represents Dell. Nicholas is additionally a member of the TPC’s Technical Advisory Board (TAB) and the Chair of the TPC Public Relations (PR) Committee.


The TPC Technology Conference is an outreach by the TPC to the database research, academia and professional community to encourage them to submit novel ideas and methodologies in performance evaluation, measurement, and characterization. These ideas could potentially have a direct influence in shaping benchmarks under development. This is a Call for Papers.

The TPC Technology Conference 2011 will be collocated with VLDB2011 Conference which will be held in Seattle, WA from August 29th to September 03, 2011. The TPC has previously held 2 successful workshops with the VLDB. For instance, 2 benchmark specifications currently under development were a result of papers presented at these workshops. VLDB Conferences constitute one of the most eminent venues for the timely dissemination of research and development results in the field of database management. This forum is arguably the most international (in terms of participation, technical content, organization, and location) among all comparable events. It is a good place to gauge the issues that have captured the interest of the database research community. Most of the papers presented are a result of original research conducted at a university or research group of a computer company.

Over the past two decades, the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) has had a significant impact on the computing industry’s use of industry-standard benchmarks. For example, vendors and end users rely on TPC benchmarks to provide real-world data that is backed by a stringent and independent review process. Vendors also use TPC benchmarks to demonstrate performance competitiveness for their existing products, and to improve/monitor the performance of products-under-development. Many buyers often use TPC benchmark results as points of comparison when purchasing new computing systems.

The technology landscape is continually evolving and challenging industry experts and researchers to develop innovative techniques to evaluate and benchmark computing systems. The TPC remains committed to developing highly relevant benchmark standards and will continue to develop new benchmarks to keep pace. With this conference, the TPC encourages researchers and industry experts to submit novel ideas and methodologies in performance evaluation, measurement, and characterization.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Cloud computing
  • Social media infrastructure
  • Business intelligence
  • Complex event processing
  • Database optimizations
  • Green computing
  • Disaster tolerance and recovery
  • Energy and space efficiency
  • Hardware innovations
  • Hybrid workloads
  • Virtualization
  • Lessons learned in practice using TPC workloads
  • Enhancements to TPC workloads

Dell employees are especially encouraged to participate and those willing to do so should access Dell TechCenter TPC TC 2011 or TPC TC 2011 website for details.