Subscribing to Dell Platform Driver and Firmware Updates via Email and RSS

Subscribing to Dell Platform Driver and Firmware Updates via Email and RSS


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Subscribing to Dell Platform Driver and Firmware Updates via Email and RSS

Dell offers several ways to stay current on updates for your Dell computer systems. The following blog offers a few helpful hints and best practices for staying informed and automatically receiving notifications when the newest Dell driver and firmware updates are released.

Method #1 - Dell Drivers & Downloads RSS Subscription

By using the following link, you can set up an RSS feed to monitor driver updates.  Simply select the product(s) that you want to monitor, then select the type of driver updates that you want to be notified on.  If you aren't sure, you can always select all updates for the platform.  Once your RSS feed for your product or products is created (each feed may monitor up to 3 different products), click on "View RSS Feeds."  You can subscribe to this feed using any standard RSS reader. 

Method #2 - Dell Technical Update Email Subscriptions

Another tool available to customers is known as the Dell Technical Update service. This tool will send you emails when new firmware and software updates are released on selected systems.  Simply pick what systems and updates you want to be notified of (similar to the RSS subscriptions). If you want, you can choose to only be alerted on critical updates and you can vary the frequency of the updates as well (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly).

Method #3 - Best Practice - Repository Manager Comparison for Servers and Business Client Systems

The most comprehensive tool for monitoring system updates is the Dell Repository Manager, which allows Dell customers to create repositories (grouping of firmware and driver updates) for the server or business client system to be updated.  From these repsitories within the  Repository Manager tool, systems administrators can create a systems update utility ISO or USB key that automatically updates the drivers on a system.

Every few months, systems administrators are advised to run a compare against the repository they last used to update their systems against what drivers and firmware are currently available on  Repository Manager will return a list of differences view that will show what firmware and drivers have been updated.

For much more information on Repository manager, including demonstration videos, visit the Repository Manager page on Dell TechCenter. You will find a great tutorial on how to compare two repositories against each other at 2:05 in the Introduction to Repository Video on Dell TechCenter





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  • Is Method #2 still working ?

    We have created alerts for all our servers, but we don't receive emails ?

    We tried to delete the alerts and create them again, but 'Last Email Date' stays empty.

    (email preferences are: weekly/html)

  • So far as I know, it's still working. How long have you been subscribed to the email alerts?

  • It worked last year but stopped sending emails somewhere in december, I tried to recreate the alerts in januari but never received any emails....

  • @Stephan-thevalley - Interesting - hopefully the mails aren't getting blocked as Spam. A suggestion, try method #1 with RSS to see if any updates for your platforms have come out recently months.  

    If there is an issue send me a private message with your full details, and I'll see if I can help.