WBEM (Web Based Enterprise Management) is a set of system management technologies developed to unify the management of diverse and distributed computing environments. WBEM includes CIM, CIM-XML, CQL (CIM Query Language), WBEM discovery, WBEM Resource Identifier, WS-Management etc., standards. There are quite a few implementations of the WBEM's CIM standards like OpenPegasus, OpenWBEM, SBLIM, WBEM Services, WMI, SMI-S etc.


Small Footprint CIM Broker (part of SBLIM project) is a CIM server intended for use in resource-limited or embedded environments. It is a light weight server and designed to be highly modularized. It is also easily accessible, as it supports various transport protocols, such as HTTP, HTTPS, Unix domain sockets etc.

WS-Management specification is a significant piece of this standard which promotes interoperability between management applications and managed resources by identifying a core set of Web service specifications and usage requirements to expose a common set of operations that are central to all systems management. WinRM and openwsman are some of the implementations of the WS-Management protocol.

For fairly new users, understanding all these technologies and familiarizing themselves with a particular implementation could be a daunting task. So, I put together a whitepaper to act as a primer for Linux users new to these technologies. The white paper concentrates on the SBLIM and Openwsman implementations of the WBEM standards. I added quite a few example commands and configuration details. The whitepaper is available at:   




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