A few months ago I wrote about how Dell PowerEdge servers are certified with Ubuntu Server Edition. In this article, I dig deeper into the type of hardware certifications available from Canonical and the functional and stress tests we put our servers through to achieve certification with Ubuntu Server Edition.

Canonical categorizes two levels of server certification: Ubuntu Certified and Ubuntu Ready, as described here. For the Ubuntu Certified hardware designation, we work with Canonical on our most popular servers to ensure full functionality with Ubuntu Server Edition. For the Ubuntu Ready designation, we work with Canonical to make sure our hardware meets minimum requirements that guarantee hardware is compatible with Ubuntu Server Edition.

The tests that Canonical puts our servers through as part of the Ubuntu Certified and Ubuntu Ready designation levels include the following areas:

· Storage (Local, iSCSI, Fibre Channel) – Standard stress are performed using tools such as iozone and bonnie++

· CPU – Load, idle & topology tests, multithreading

· Memory – Recognize and utilize available memory resources

· Network – Reliability and throughput

· USB – Full communication through all USB ports

· ACPI – Suspend & Hibernate

· Optical media – Verifies that media can be read & written

· Video – Graphics and resolution support

In addition, Canonical offers the Works with Ubuntu designation, where individual peripherals (i.e. LSI storage controllers, Intel network controllers, etc.) available with Dell servers have been tested and certified with Ubuntu by the hardware manufacturer. This is yet another option that customers have to ensure that their Dell hardware is fully compatible with Ubuntu Server Edition.

Ubuntu Server Edition is not officially supported by Dell. However, Canonical offers the Ubuntu Advantage program for OS support on Dell hardware. Certified Dell hardware is preferred in order to provide best support, but it is not required.

For a current list of PowerEdge servers that have been certified with Ubuntu Server Edition, visit the Canonical hardware certification site. This site is updated regularly, so visit often for new updates.