Dell is raising the bar yet again when it comes to making your job as an administrator even easier.  But how could we possibly make working with EqualLogic even easier your ask?  Well if you run VMware ESX server in your environment, have we got a treat for you. 

We are integrating some EqualLogic functionality inside of vCenter. 

The Dell EqualLogic Host Integration Tools for VMware® (HIT/VE) is comprised of three tools designed to ease administrator tasks including Datastore management, local and remote protection, and virtual desktop automation. Dell delivers HIT/VE as a virtual appliance which can be downloaded and installed into the VMware cluster. Once it is configured, the following three tools are installed and registered as plug-ins into vCenter.

· EqualLogic Datastore Manager – Allows administrators to provision new Datastores, expand existing Datastores, and monitor storage usage in the VMware Datacenter.

· Auto-Snapshot Manager/VMware® Edition 3.0 – Creates and restores Smartcopies of Hypervisor consistent Virtual Machines (VMs). Utilizes snapshots, clones, and replicas within PS Series group allowing for fast restoration or disaster recovery.

· EqualLogic Virtual Desktop Deployment Tool – VMware View aware desktop provisioning wizard which allows the deployment of manual virtual desktop pools using array based space efficient thin clones and also allows the refresh of these pools.

Administrators can launch each of these tools from the Home screen of vCenter and also from the new context sensitive tabs and right-click menu options that are added with the plug-in.


EqualLogic HIT/VE Demo


For more information and a quick video demonstration head over to the Dell TechCenter for all the details and as always follow me on Twiiter @iSCSIKing for information about Dell Storage and EqualLogic.