Dell OpenManage Server Administrator 6.4 for Ubuntu

Dell OpenManage Server Administrator 6.4 for Ubuntu


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Dell OpenManage Server Administrator 6.4 for Ubuntu

The following is posted on behalf of Prudhvi Tella, an engineer on the Linux OS Engineering team.

The Linux OS Engineering team is pleased to announce the second release of OpenManage for Ubuntu.  OpenManage 6.4 64-bit version is now available for download. However, a 32-bit version will also be released in the near future. These new debs are compiled for 10.04 and should also work on Debian Squeeze if you use the smbios-utils package from Ubuntu 10.04.

As for differences between 6.3 and 6.4 in terms of packaging, you will notice that all debs are versioned as 6.4 in this release whereas before each package had its own version number. Previously, installation failed on Debian due to an old libsmbios-bin package, so we added a copy of the Ubuntu 10.04 smbios-utils package in the repository for convenience. Another noteworthy improvement is a fix for a memory leak issue with dsm_sa_snmpd that occurs when you use the  Nagios check_openmanage plugin. To make this release possible, Kent Baxley from Canonical helped test the packages, and Michael Brown in the Linux Engineering team provided patches to fix porting issues.

Unfortunately, if you upgrade from 6.3 to 6.4 you will have to go through a few extra steps due to a packaging mistake made in 6.3. So, please go here for information on how to upgrade from 6.3 to 6.4.

If you like this release, and would like to get this project officially supported, please provide feedback by talking to your account manager or sales rep. Customer feedback is the best way to show your support for OpenManage in Ubuntu.

For support and feedback, please use mailing list. To download and install, go to for detailed instructions.

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  • Thanks for your work on this.  

    Do you have any time line on when we might expect the 32-bit version?  

    The 64-bit version of OMSA does not support the PERC4 so the only way to manage it is to force the installation of the 32-bit version of OMSA.  Under RHEL/CentOS this is possible but it is not an option yet with Ubuntu server.

    Thanks again.


  • 32-bit version should be out in the next week or two.

  • 32-bit version is now available:

  • I just saw the 32-bit version of OMSA was released for Ubuntu Server.  I haven't had a chance to test it yet but thanks for getting this released.


  • Excellent work, thank you for this.

    Note: Snmp walking Dell mibs will fail unless the "-I -smux" option in /etc/default/snmpd is changed to "-I smux"  Ubuntu 10.4 default snmp has the smuxpeer set to ignore (-smux)

    Thanks again-


  • OMSA 6.4 64-bit doesn't recognize Perc 4 storage controllers.  Has anyone found a fix? I tried installing the 32-bit deb packages, but the Perc 4 controllers still weren't detected. Please help!

  • Good to see Debian is finally officially unofficially supported... Even if it does involve a slightly dodgy workaround.

    I won't be testing this version due to only running Lenny at the moment (with the previous version Ubuntu package installed under a Squeeze chroot), but it's all still good news.