The following post was authored by Gary Gumanow (Product Marketing Senior Consultant, EqualLogic).  

At Interop Fall 2010 Dell is demonstrating the latest in Ethernet technology, Data Center Bridging (DCB), which are a recently ratified IEEE (eye-triple-e) group of standards to ensure quality of service on data center Ethernet networks. This demonstration will show the benefits of what DCB can do in a converged network environment. With DCB, Ethernet finally delivers on the promise of network convergence or unifying all types of network traffic. It can do so by shaping bandwidth for particular flows of traffic with Enhanced Transmission Selection, for such applications as inter-processor communication, or storage.  

Another enhancement to Ethernet that we are showing is Priority Flow Control, or PFC. This part of the demo will showcase DCB's ability to setup different classes of network traffic. You know, all types of traffic were not created equally. Ethernet has had prioritization for almost ten years, but it's not had the ability to prioritize a specific type of traffic. Halt the LAN traffic so that storage traffic gets through. That's the idea of PFC, and we'll be showcasing this.