Dell PowerEdge servers certified with Ubuntu Server Edition

Dell PowerEdge servers certified with Ubuntu Server Edition


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Dell PowerEdge servers certified with Ubuntu Server Edition

The Dell Linux Engineering team has been working with Canonical over the past 2 years to certify Dell PowerEdge servers with the Ubuntu Server Edition operating system. Dell and Canonical have worked together to ensure that customers can feel confident in deploying Ubuntu on select PowerEdge servers in their production environments.

Ubuntu Server Edition is not factory-installed by Dell and our technical support teams do not officially support the operating system. However, customers can purchase support contracts directly with Canonical at

As for systems management, the Linux Engineering team has released a build of OpenManage 6.3 compiled on Ubuntu 9.10 and natively packaged using the deb package manager. Note that this build is not officially supported by Dell or Canonical at this point. For more details, refer to the blog Dell OpenManage 6.3 for Ubuntu.

For a current list of PowerEdge servers that have been certified with Ubuntu Server Edition, visit Canonical hardware certification site. This site is updated regularly, so visit often for new updates.

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  • From the Dell customers perspective, these kind of certifications are totally useless, as long as your technical support teams do not officially support the operating system. Your customers still need to reproduce hardware problems using a supported operating system, like RHEL or SLES, before getting a replacement.

    Are there any plans at Dell to support Ubuntu (maybe the LTS releases only) officially?

  • No timeline for official support of Ubuntu Server Edition. As far as the comments regarding customers having to reproduce hardware problems with supported operating systems, can you please provide details or an example? That doesn't sound right.

  • Jose, thanks for answering. We're running Debian and Ubuntu on most of our systems (> 1000), and for nearly all kind of problems we're getting two typical answers from Dell support:

    - Please update the firmware of the relevant system.

    - The OS you're running is not supported, please try to reproduce the issue using a supported OS.

    The first point annoying, especially for systems running in production since months without problems.

    For the second point... in _all_ cases we were able to reproduce the problems using RHEL or SLES, so we just wasted our time.

    I'm going to send you some more detailed examples including the Case-ID with a private message.

  • As for firmware upgrades, I understand how that can be annoying in a running production environment, but that's standard procedure (in most cases, depending on the issue) to rule out the firmware as culprit.

    If it's truly a hardware issue (i.e. defective iDRAC, HDD, processor, etc.) then it should not matter what the underlying OS is, as long as the hardware is under warranty, customer support should be able to help you.

    [ Please note that my comments here are as an individual, not as an authorized Dell representative ]