Open standards, open communications.

Dell’s OEM solution for telecommunications blends NEBS-certified reliability, cost-effective components for high volume, and Dell’s established, high-ranking services and support. These preconfigured servers are based on open standards to help maximize compatibility, scalability and expandability for the highest possible level of stability, when and where you need it most. That way, Dell’s NEBs-compliant solutions can bring you lower operational expenses, better profitability and simplified operations, so your technology leaders can focus on what matters: truly innovating to better serve your customers and the world.

StartReady  "The great thing now is that we can focus more resources on developing new products because Dell OEM Solutions offers extensive services and support. Our personnel can concentrate on what they’re best at – building unified communications solutions." 

— Lucas Wensing, Chief Executive Officer of StartReady.

Engineering for tomorrow’s changes

The telecommunications industry has pioneered some of history’s most innovative technologies, including the internet — and that innovation is still happening right now all over the world.

But now it’s harder than ever to keep up with an exponential influx of digital data — and a rapid rate of change industrywide. You need a forward-thinking partner that can collaborate to create smart solutions that can adapt to your constantly changing industry — along with a strong network and system integration skills.

Dell has over 40 engineers specifically dedicated to creating new, innovative solutions for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers. With 2,100 OEM customers around the world, 30 percent of Fortune 500 companies are Dell OEM customers. That’s because we’ve been serving OEM for over 13 years, thanks to our know-how, experience and commitment to our customers’ success. We’ve dedicated resources across the world: there’s a sales force, service team and operations team on the ground in each region. Our widespread manufacturing and logistics presence means that no matter where you are, Dell is there to help.

Dell’s forward-thinking blend of standardized equipment and extensive OEM support is the ideal solution for a market that’s constantly transitioning — so you can face the future with a system that can grow and change with your company.