The OEM XL program relies on Dell's best-selling original equipment manufacturer (OEM)-ready platforms that are designed to empower OEM customers to transition to next-generation platforms at their own pace. The platforms provided in the OEM XL program are a subset of OEM-ready products chosen based upon the ability to provide the following: 

Stability Stability
All platforms in the OEM XL program offer consistency during their sales life with very few changes to BIOS, firmware, CPUs, chipsets, network adapters, hard drives, controllers or interfaces. With a more stable platform, you can reduce the time and money spent on qualifying and testing updates.
Visibility Visibility
When you purchase products in the OEM XL program, you will receive updated information on those products, alerting you of any upcoming changes to the less-critical components in those systems. The documentation will give you 6 months of awareness on XL server platforms and 3 months of awareness on workstation platforms to any class-2 changes on the road map.
Support Support
The OEM XL program leverages the world-class tier-1 hardware that Dell manufactures in factories around the world. All XL program products provide options for advance warranty and support contracts with features, including:
  • Five global command centers
  • 60 expert tech support centers
  • >180 countries covered
  • 500 parts depots
  • 15,000+ certified field technicians
  • 24x7 call center
  • 2/4/8hr/NBD for major metro areas
  • Dell Online Self Dispatch (self-maintainer)
Longevity Longevity
All OEM XL program platforms offer an extension to the end-of-life schedule of 12 months past the launch of the immediate replacement platform. When the next-generation version of the server or workstation you are buying today is released, OEM solutions will continue producing the current model for 12 full months at standard run rates. This provides plenty of time for the development and release of the next platform in your solution.
XL Timeline

Products in the OEM XL program have a common set of key characteristics:

  • Global availability
  • Unique part numbers managed using a parallel Dell™ OEM supply chain
  • Long-life, embedded processors are included as part of the program
  • XL servers only available in OEM-ready variations
  • XL workstations available as standard platforms
  • Stock-keeping units (SKUs), which lock down class-1 components (as defined below) with managed class-2 components — providing at least a 6-month advance notice when things change
  • A life cycle that extends 12 months beyond the next-generation product launch date
  • XL platform level components are managed through a classification system: 
    • Class 1 — Critical components are locked down for the product life cycle
    • Class 2 — Managed components provide advance notification of component changes
    • Class 3 — Monitored components transition at industry-standard intervals
More information on the OEM XL program and the products offered is available from a Dell OEM sales representative.

XL Program Products

PowerEdge R210II XL (OEM Ready)
PowerEdge R620 XL (OEM Ready)
PowerEdge R720 XL (OEM Ready)
PowerEdge R720xd XL (OEM Ready)
Precision R5500 XL (OEM Ready)
Precision T3600 XL
Precision T5600 XL