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Black Hole Threat

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Black Hole Threat

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Several times in past few weeks have had message "Black Hole Threat Thwarted" from my AVG anti virus.  I'd like to know what's a "Black Hole Threat" and what might be sending it to my pc.(Dimension 4300s).  Despite my pop up blocker, I continually get ads popping up on the screen and my pc tends to slow down a lot.  Any help would be appreciated.


Dimension 4300S, Windows XP

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  • Hi SRABB,

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    Were you on eBay? There is a discussion at AVG from a while back, but I can't get their link to work. Try a search for "Black Hole Threat" at their forum.

    The ad popups don't sound good. If you would like a checkup to be sure there is nothing lurking on your computer, Dell Community no longer  does malware removal, so I suggest that you post in the Malware Removal Forum at SpywareHammer and have the staff trained in malware removal walk you through the diagnostic logs and a cleanup. Help is free, but you will need to register there and follow the posting instructions. If you use the same username there as you have here, I'll link it to this one and I can ask one of the trained analysts there to handle your post as soon as possible.

    In addition, there are other options listed at the top of the this forum. Some are free; some require a fee. Please use only one resource. It can be counter-productive to have too many people trying to help. Good luck! Smile

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