i keep getting hacked and buying dell computers yet i can get help??

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i keep getting hacked and buying dell computers yet i can get help??

  • im just curious i bought a software program may 9 of 2011 and dell helped me for a while and all suddedn they said i didnt buy program and i had to dipute charges and im even more upset because now i can acess my c files my firewalls some unknown user is now the admin oif my computer and i have no privacey anymore aeverything i have is gone on web computer and im parentalc
  • and everyone keeps saying refer to manifacture my computer says windows 7 yet i have dell files and other peoples files from 2009 from dell and windows 7 wasnt made in 2009 and i just got this computer 30 days ago and so if someone can help please call me at 815-2785352 my hacker get more tech suppport for my computer then i do thank you so much ive been to police ive been to everyone i can think of now im really ready to go to news next i hate being like that but when enough?
  • id say email me but my emails are taken over as well as my computer my computer now has three admon users an unknow contact user 2 default users and my name spelled different ways thank u
  • o and i tried to talk to live tech support and um well it says im a little kid im not allowed
  • I wish I could understand what you're trying to communicate. These posts hurt my eyes!
  • I know this is an old post but I have to agree 100%.  You are not alone.  I even had a tech prank call me.  I was on the phone all day with several of them and they all lied.  They ordered the wrong specs for my computer I noticed the next day and called them right away the call lasted 8 hours.  

    They said I couldn't change the order it was already being made.  Then I wanted to cancel the order they said they couldn't find the order then they found it but said they had to do a credit verification from my debit card I used?  That doesn't need to be verified but ok lets say it did.

     So they said they had to transfer me to another rep for verification of my debit card then I would have to order the pc with the specs I wanted then cancel the first one, so I agreed and did that.  I did this all at once with them still on the phone with me never hung up, so I trusted them and once they verified my credit info they refused to cancel the first order.  Then they said once my credit is verified I couldn't cancel because it was already being made (they tricked me into doing it, i never hung up and called back i literally was sitting on the phone with them and for like 8 hours it was insanity)  

    so now I had 2 $1100.00 computers and I stayed on the phone requesting a manager who gave me his name extension or whatever and said he would fix this and call me back the next day.  He never did so I ran to bank in pj's a dirty mess and had to cancel my bank card and alert them of what happened.  The bank manager thought i was nutts and didn't believe me but saw they were trying to charge me for the computer that was the wrong specs.  I went through hell.

    Anyway, they sent the speakers that went with the bad pc even though they weren't charged to my card and they knew they had to know I canceled the card because they came way after i got a new card.  I ended up paying them for the speakers on the new card because I'm not a gerk.  So they wanted to force a sale because one of their colleges must have lost commission on me or something.  I went to best buy and got a crappier version for a lot  more money and i paid cash.  In the meantime weeks went by and I received a prank call from the original tech guy who ordered my specs wrong.  He sounded weird he said something odd like I'm calling you to see if you need help from a tech for your computer?  I asked him to repeat what he said he started to stutter and said never-mind and hung up.  Something to that affect, this was a year ago so I don't remember exactly but it wasn't the first or last call I got from him, i had calls where he just called and hung up on me after I picked up, blank voice mail messages.

    When I got the new pc from best buy I had to call cable to fix some issue with internet and they patched me through to dell without telling me.  The dell  tech said "we have you blacklisted but I can't see the reason why ."  I could've been a gerk and not paid for the speakers just for all the trouble i went through and had to pay for a new bank card.  So anyway the tech couldn't help me because dell has professional issues and thinks all Americans are rich.

    I had numerous times apologized even asked to have the same guy help me so he could get the commission, i told them i didn't want to screw anyone, i was very polite and explained that i used tax money to get this and couldn't buy 2 pc's i just don't have that kind of money.

    They really made me sick.  I still believe to this day they hack me i have to constantly start my pc from scratch, ive had to actually open my pc up and move the password jumper because they took over my user account and changed the password and locked me out.  I logged into my dell account and downloaded updates for drivers that weren't working properly.  

    If the tech sees this I hope he knows I tried to do the right thing but no one wanted to let you get the commission and I looked for the email address i asked you to send so i could re order from you but you left me an email address called noemail@dell.com.  I know what it's like to have no money i needed the computer for work to do my time sheets.  So again I am sorry you didn't get the commission.

    If there is Karma they aren't gonna like what's coming because believe me what I went through was wrong and  it caused a lot of problems for me.