How To Get Rid of Ad.Yieldmanager on my computer

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How To Get Rid of Ad.Yieldmanager on my computer

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Help, I need a easy fix, as I am not computer savy, so to speak...but in certain web pages I get this annoying pop up..and it is ad.yieldmanger, I do have malware on my computer and Mcfee, but when I do scan and fix problems, it is still there, can anyone help me...thank you

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  • Hi sandy444, and welcome:

    I suggest you download and run an MBAM scan. Full instructions from Bugbatter are here:


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  • Thanks Joe, have done this already and still no go....but I thank  you for your quick reply...I already had mbam and ran scan, and no virus detected..any other suggestions???

  • Sandy,

    is this happening in IE (Internet Explorer), or in another browser?

    the annoying popup:   is it a SECURITY WARNING, saying something like "The current Web page is trying to open a site on the Internet.   Do you want to allow this?"   Then it lists the current site, which would mention/include , followed by some "random" Internet site name, with buttons for you to press YES or NO?    and then, under a line, a yellow shield with an exclamation point in it, saying "Warning:   allowing this can expose your computer to security risks.   If you don't trust the current Web page, choose No".

    is that what you're getting?  something very "similar"?   or is it completely different??

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