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  • I have an Inspiron 1525 less than 3 months old. I am running Vista Home Premium with Defender, Avast anti virus, Superantispyware and, A Squared free, these are all up to date and used regularly. In the last few days i have had a message come up from defender asking about something called  PC Doctor and wanting permission for it to run. I have never installed this and I wondered if this was something that comes with a Dell, if not how can I stop this I cannot find it in add remove or my program files. Where has it come from, I don't want it.
  • I am getting the same thing on my XPS M1530.  I have denied it but Defender doesn't know how to handle this and I get an error message.  Not sure whether to permit or not.


    I have noticed it wants to install this in the Dell Support Center directory.  Is this something Dell is trying to install? 

    Any input on this would be helpful.

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  • I went to the PC Doctor Website.  There is a forum there where one Dell User was having the same issue.  PC Doctor stated that Dell uses their software and to contact Dell regarding this issue.


    So I chatted with Dell and Jonathan there states Dell does not use PC Doctor.  Although I did not feel confident with his response.  Dell could be using some software from PC Doctor in their Diagnostic Software without it being labelled as PC Doctor. 

    So I'm no farther ahead understanding if this driver is safe to install or not.

  • i just used the diagnostic online scan at dellfix.com that states the software is available ,for free, in the new dell support center software, giving you the option to download that ,or ,continue with the online scan. i continued with the online scan.

    during the hard drive diagnostic scan defender did warn that software published by  pc-doctor ,inc was trying to run on several occasions as the scan performed different tasks. the driver names all started PCD5SRVC (PCDoctor5SeRViCe ?) and were all located in  c:\program files\dell

    So, either dell are incorrect, or defender is. you choose!

    from a security point of view, as pc-doctor ,inc are a legit company providing hard drive diagnostic software, permitting the actions should be o.k. in my opinion.

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  • I just went to the Dell Support Center that was installed by Dell on my computer when it arrived.  Under the HWDiag folder is a ton of files from PC Doctor including the older driver that it was trying to update.  So Dell is lying if they say they don't use PC Doctor software. 


    I asked Jonathan at Dell point blank if his comment was an opinion or an authorative statement?  He stated quite bluntly that Dell does not use PC Doctor in their Support Software.  Obviously he did not know the answer but trying to bluff his way through.




  • maz123 wrote: 
    how can I stop this I cannot find it in add remove or my program files. Where has it come from, I don't want it.

    the only way to be rid of it is to uninstall dell support center. It's your choice though.

    Again , from a security point of view, its legit.


  • Perhaps one of the Dell Liaisons will see this discussion and be able to answer your question.

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  • It is a version of PC doctor written for Dell, somebody has their facts wrong.


    It has been used in the past and present by Dell

    http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_pwwi/is_200011/ai_mark01020075  past


    http://www.pc-doctor.com/includes/languages/english/pr/06_dell_odm.php  present


    "Founded in 1993, PC-Doctor Inc. is the global leader in reducing PC supplier costs through diagnostic and system information solutions for top PC makers, service centers and IT organizations. Acknowledged by leading PC manufacturers as the de facto standard for diagnostics"



  • Hello,


    You are correct the Dell Support Center does have elements PCDoctor in it.




    Richard B

  • Ok, but first why does it crash Defender and second is it safe to uninstall it, if so how? Also why did it start popping up at startup on my laptop, it was not doing it from day one.
  • Also Ii would like to know who's pushng this to be installed? Is it PC Doctor Inc or is it DELL?
  • It's safe to unistall Dell Support Center.  I did it with no problems through add/remove.  Defender is flagging it because it is searching for updates, and Defender is programmed to flag items that can cause changes to your system.  Every time I update my Trend Micro or MBAM Defender says that they could cause potentially unwanted changes to my system.

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  • Some people may be confusing this with another program of a similar name.


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    I am not a Microsoft or a Dell employee. I am a volunteer.


  • Today I noticed a software install taking place while I was working on my Laptop. I stopped it and was extermly worried I was being attacked by a virus or trojan horse (or hacker, any thing). I did a lot of digging and checked in Event Viewer. I found that there was a download labeled as "PCDoctor_bundle_dell_dsc_x64.msi" that was being installed.

    Turns out it is an update for Dell Support Center. (version 3.1.5830.10). I did not see any notice from Dell Support Center that there was an update available or question as to wether I wanted to install an update to DSC. In the end I got it figured out and it was not an attempt to attack my computer. I was wondering why Norton didn't pick it up (Latest version of Norton 360 just installed a few days ago), but guess it was because I had tagged DSC as safe in the past.

    Hope this info helps for anyone else that has this expereince.