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My Monitor is in permanent sleep mode.

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My Monitor is in permanent sleep mode.

  • Wow! I was following Mcaffee's steps to renew my virus protection  and my computer quit (Inspiron 4600). The steps were: 1) uninstall your current virus protection 2) install the new stuff.
    I completed step 1 ok, but in the time it takes to reboot and begin step 2, my monitor drifted off to dreamland. When I turn on my computer (either from the hard drive or a boot disk), the computer never leaves sleep mode unless I unplug the monitor from the computer. The orange sleep light is on (near the power button). Does this mean that a virus misconfigured the board which drives the monitor? What is the recovery process? My computer is now a boat-anchor.
  • Michael4600,

    Can you boot into safemode?

    * Power the system off
    * Power the system on
    * At the blue Dell, tap F8 to bring up the Windows boot menu
    * Scroll to and select Safe Mode [Press the Enter Key]
    * Select the first or only operating system [Press the Enter Key]