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PerfStringBackup.INI - what is this???

  • Is this a Spyware??  I noticed it was placed into my system32 file on 10/30/05??? And it updates in the middle of the night when I am sleeping and not on my computer.  ?  Thank you   Cp
  • A Google search on the file indicates that it is some kind of system performance process. Does it give any kind or error message, or is your computer showing other symptoms like being slow or having lots of popups?
  • My puter is running real slow.  Have recently got Verizon wireless Broadband
    Yes, that is what I found from Google search, but, wanted to be sure.
    Thanks!    :)
  • You might want to go to the HiJackThis forum page and follow the instructions there to download the program and run it in order to have a log that can be analyzed. Could be some bad stuff lurking on your harddrive. Looking at your other post it appears that your spyware protection is light. In addition to Spybot you might want to use Ad-Aware and Spyware Blaster. Blaster actually blocks a lot of stuff. Its companion program Spyware Guard operates like like Ad-Aware and Spybot, just finding it. The Microsoft beta spyware program  also seems to work well and quickly
    Many knowledgeable people here recommend having several spyware programs available to might find something  that the others don't. Since they don't run at the same time, there are no least I have not had any. The most important thing with them is to look for updates often, I recommend every day. I believe that all of these products, including the MS beta can be found and downloaded  from  ...lot of neat stuff available there.  Otherwise a Google search should find a source.
    I know next to nothing about all the process files and programs in Windows, but the .ini file mentioned above is most likely benign and nothing to be concerned about.