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Virus: Downloader.Trojan

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Virus: Downloader.Trojan

  • Hi,

    Over the last week i have been unable to play DVD's using either PowerDVD or Windows Media Player, though i can still play CD's.  I wondered if this was a virus so did a norton anti virus scan.  I did have a virus that NAV was unable to delete called downloader trojan and was saved in C drive/local settings/Temporary interet files/ Content IE5 / OPOIMJGS /Loader[1].cab.

    I was not able to find this folder and delete it. 

    Is it possible that the virus is effecting my DVD player or is this just a coincidence?

    My operating system is Windows XP.

    I would be really grateful for any help.



  • I would suggest to start with you open Internet Explorer, Menu, Tool, Internet Options.

    In there delete all files (including offline content) and all history.

    Rescan with your Anti-Virus.

    If this does not work, follow the link below to my site and look in the malware section try spybot and Ad-aware, Then cwshredder. If these do not clear it follow the advise on my site (Malware section) to Spywareinfo. They will be able to cure your problem, but they will like you to have used the other programs first.
  • Cheers Chris,

    I deleted all the files within internet options and it got rid of the virus.

    Unfortunately, I am still unable to play any DVD's so I'm back to square-one.  Any ideas.

    Thanks for your help


  • Sorry no DVD's are not my speciallity.

    Try posting in the CD/DVD forum for your machine (Dimension ?) The experts there will be able to help.
  • uninstall powerdvd and reinstall it and also winamp if you have it
  • Hi Dave,

         I just less than an hour ago finished dealing with this one.  Norton has some interesting advice, you may want to go there and read up.  This trojan also attaches itself to a system restore file.  By design, Windows seals those files off from anti-viral repairs.  In order to remove from there it gets a bit cumbersome

        This is what I did (all this info can be found by following links from Norton) Turn off system restore, update viral definitons, shut down computer (power off for at least 30 secs)., restart in safe mode, run full and complete Norton scan, delete any infected files, restart.

         This is one of those nasty things that even though you think it is deleted, it just hides and reinstalls itself  Regarding your DVD player, I do not know that much about that.  You might get an idea or two if you look here in the forom for a previous posting.  Search:"Trojan horse kicked Win. Media Player."

         If you are not already using them, by all means install "Adaware" and "Spy Bot Search and Destroy".  Both are free programs.  Run them often.

    Good Luck,

  • Hi everybody, i need some help... you see, the other day i scanned my computer for viruses and i ended up having three viruses, 2 download.trojans and 1 downloader.trojan. norton got rid of the two download, but the downloader stayed. i went to norton's website, and followed the instructions given. im happy to say the virus is gone, but now ive got another problem. ever since i got rid of it, this message appears when i start windows XP that the module NvQTwk couldnt be found, my computer is running slower, and everytime i get on the internet this program called msCMTrvc.exe tries to access the internet also. Any help? any info. would be very much obliged             (p.s. i got windows XP for those who didnt notice)

  • Use these to remove Malware (Spyware and Adware).
    Spybot S&D
    With all of these download them, install (after unzip if required), download the latest signature file, run, delete all that they find.

    Failing those solving your problems a post of a hijackthis log for the experts to advise.
    HijackThis From Here
    Download, run, scan, save log, then in notepad copy the FULL log by copy and paste to a post in one of these specialist spyware removal forums:-
    DO NOT FIX ANYTHING WITH HIJACKTHIS WITHOUT EXPERT ADVICE, most of what it finds you need for normal MS Windows tasks.
    Do read the sites FAQ before posting, and advise your problem and what steps you have already done to try to cure your problem.

    I am in all those sites as ChrisRLG. You might get me, but any of the more problematic ones are handled by the experts. If you get a 'advanced member' like me, we have other ways of asking for advice from the experts, to pass on to you.

    You could post your log here in this thread (if in the Virus Information and Removal Board - if not post in that board not in this thread), and I will have a go at giving advice, but if you go to one of the more specalist forums more experts will be able to help.

    As this was not your thread and to stop the original poster receiving emails, could you start a new thread please.

  • i have the stupid virus on my computer and it's gotten to the point of where the internet isn't working anymore (i'm at a friends house right now...) and i can't get it off!! how do i get rid of it?!?!?! (it says it's in a file caLlled C:|program files|STC\Slmss.exe or in the files that says C:|documents and settings|*name(for whatever user account where on)|settin... slmss[1].exe ... what can i do???? (oh and the Norton Anti-virus thingy can't find/delete it!! i knows it's on thdere but what i scan every single part of my computer for the virus useing the anti-virus thingy, it says there is no virus so i can't delete it.... still know i can do??? or is all hope lost?!?!?!  i probably won't be on for awhile...considering ican't use the internet at my house ;_;  if you can, can you mail me at i'm probably more likely to see the.... um... help you sent me on my e-mail :.: stupid virus...
  • Hi kalooeh, I notice you have started your own thread, I have replied there.