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Desktop keeps shutting down every 1 minute and restarting

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Desktop keeps shutting down every 1 minute and restarting

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for the last couple days ive noticed everyttime i go on the computer a box is on the home screen saying 'windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown'...well tonight i tried to fgure out what it is so i went to micrsoft secrity essentials to do a quickscan but it wasnt working so i unistalled/reinstalled it. now my computer will restart, a  box in the middle of the screen comes up 'u will be logged of in 1 min save your work, windows has incountered a critical  problem' anda box from microsft secrity essentaills saying '2 threats found' i go to remove the threats but there isnt enough time before the computer restarts again, and there isnt enough timeto unistall security essentials...what is wrong and what do i do???

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  • One-on-one Malware Analysis/Removal is no longer done at the Dell Forums.  

    Please follow the directions at to register and (if possible) post the requested logs at ; if you can't generate the logs due to the machine shutting off too soon, simply let them know that.

    There are expert helpers there who can "walk you through" procedures to analyze your system, and clean-up the infection.   All help provided there is FREE.   If you decide to go for help there, please wait for a response, and do NOT attempt to run any other scans/removers on your own --- do exactly what they instruct you to do, no more, no less.

    Good luck!

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