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Security professionals DO use anti-virus

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Security professionals DO use anti-virus

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    It was back in the 1990s when someone told me that operating systems like Windows NT were getting so safe that AV would soon be out of business. And I hear on a regular basis that AV is so ineffective it's not worth having. Because I get some of my income from the anti-virus industry, no doubt you'd expect me to disagree. I do, but that's not why.


  • I would not trust any self-styled "expert" that advocates the average user going without a real-time AV. Not when all the experts I have trusted over many years continue to say the opposite.

    While traditional vectors of virus infection no longer account for the majority of malware these days, they have not disappeared. With the availability of good free AVs with minimal impact on system performance, I can't imagine any reason not to use one. Unless it is for bragging rights as a "power user".

    Thanks for the link RD.


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  • With me, it amounts to having those varied layers of protection that I have learned about on these forums. Wink.