WOT vs McAfee SiteAdvisor vs Norton SafeWeb

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WOT vs McAfee SiteAdvisor vs Norton SafeWeb

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FWIW, an interesting comparison between three web reputation and site rating services:


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  • Check out http://asafesite.com 

  • way299
    Check out 
    I can't check that out. My security gives me a warning when I try to go there.


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  • Perhaps this is why I am having trouble accessing that site:



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    I am not a Microsoft or a Dell employee. I am a volunteer.


  • I tried the link posted by way299 at work and got this from our content filter:

    Access to this web page is restricted.


    This site is filtered in the "Proxy Avoidance;Information Technology" category.


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  • Tieuho,

    while CheckWebsiteSafe has the advantage of offering multiple analysis (AVG, WOT, McAfee, Google, Norton) of websites, the "problem" is that the user has to actively go to that site, and type-in (or copy/paste) EACH URL that (s)he is interested in.   This really isn't practical... I don't know of anyone who will actually test every URL before they "visit" there.

    In contrast, the various site-advisors listed above are add-ons (plug-ins) that automatically [and very efficiently] work inside the user's browser(s).   WOT, in particular, can be set to either WARN or actually BLOCK any "objectionable" sites [per its database], offering the user continuous protection at all times.

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