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voice coming out of my speakers!!! please help

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voice coming out of my speakers!!! please help

  • ok so about a week ago i was online and all of a sudden this voice started to come out of my speakers. it was like a guy and a girl and it sounded like porn or something. so i clicked out of online and when i did the voice didnt go away. i had nothing open but it was still going. and so then i ran my pc cillen thing to check for anything but nothing came up.and the voices were still going. so finally i decided to turn off the computer. i turned it back on a couple of hours laetr and the voices were gone but every so often it will say things but not for a long time it will make some kind of noise or something. could this be a virus becasue my virus scanner says nothing but i find that my computer is a lot slower then before. well if anyone knows i would appreciate a response. thanxs
  • Do you use AIM chat program?



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  • no i dont
  • Sounds like an RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) problem to me. Any transmitting antennas in the neighborhood? Close to a major highway where there may be high power CB's on the road?

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  • If you have AOL installed on your system you don't need to be using the AIM program but somebody in your AOL address book can configure noises to play when they log on and off of AOL.And as long as you have AOL installed you will be able to hear it.I used to have one when i had AOL installed years ago.
  • i dont have aol though so it cant be that i just dont know what else and if its radio frequencies why do i only get the porn station. if anyone can think of anything else it might be please write back thanxs
  • I would speculate that you have some type of adware/malware on your computer.  
    My suggestion would be for you to scan your system with SuperAntiSpyware.   be advised that a complete SuperAntiSpyware scan can run 20 to 40 minutes. 
    If this doesn't succeed at cleaning your problems--- or even if it does, but you'd like further confirmation that you're fully clean --- then you can post a HiJackThis log in the HJT forum, where the helpers can offer you personalized assistance --- please do NOT try to proceed with HJT "fixes" on your own!  
    Here's the information on HiJackThis, in case you decide to pursue it:
    Download a self-extracting copy of the latest version of HJT (HiJackThis) (version 1.99.1) from
    Save it to your Desktop.
    Double-click on the file    hijackthis_sfx.exe    file, and allow it to self-extract [by clicking on UnZip] into the suggested/default folder,
    C:\Program Files\HijackThis
    Use Windows Explorer to navigate your way into this folder, and then double click on HiJackThis.exe

    Click on  Do a System Scan and Save a LogFile


    This will automatically open NotePad


    Copy the entire file from NotePad:  EDIT/SelectAll, EDIT/Copy


    Then go to the forum dedicated for HiJack This logs (**NOT** back here), and  PASTE the results there:




    Be sure to include a detailed description of any problems/errors/warnings you are encountering.


    Hopefully, one of the HJT experts will get to it as quickly as possible.


    WARNING:  HiJack This is a VERY POWERFUL tool.  While it's  completely safe  for you to download, generate, and post your log (as described above), you should *NOT* attempt to do anything else (in particular, do NOT use it to delete/fix any entries) until you are advised to do so by a forum expert!!  Improper use of this tool can severely damage your system.

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  • a cb radio? :smileyindifferent:
    are you sure there are no other programs or applications running? if not then i would definitley suspect malware of some type.
  • I get that noise ddrreeff, It's kind of like a harmonic tone and then goes.

    So I am assuming the system is not saying words per se, but makeing some strange sound that is not understandable?

    A harmonic tone like ddeerrff mentioned is something I get, but words that I can understand would be more looking into.


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  • A high level RF source can leak in to the audio circuitry and drive devices into non-linear operation. A device operating non-linearly can act as a detector and effectively recover any AM modulation from the RF source.

    It used to be more of a problem than it is now - most things are designed to better reject RFI - but it still can occur. Particularly if the source is 'dirty', such as a CB base station driving the heck out of an illegal linear amplifier.

    Intermod interference can also be an issue, but would not be what could be happening here.

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  • Quote: Sounds like an RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) problem to me
    But, RFI won't slow down his computer...ky331 is definitely on the right track. Spyware/Adware more than likely, but some trojan downloader could also be the culprit. Regardless, following ky331's instruction will put you back in good shape.
  • That's correct, RFI wouldn't slow anything down.

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  • If you hear 10 4 good buddy you will know for sure:smileyvery-happy:



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