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Problems with Dell Search Page Redirect

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Problems with Dell Search Page Redirect

  • I bought a new Dell last weekend and have been having problems surfing the internet.  It seems that advertisements embedded into various websites won't load up.  Alone this is not a problem.  However, when this happens the entire website redirects to a "Dell Search Page" that says, for example, "Sorry, we couldn't find Here are some related websites:" and then goes on to have Sponsored Links and Web Search Results.  Because of this auto redirect, I can never view the webpages I want to.
    Dell wants me to use their fee-based service to get this issue resolved, which is ludicrous considering this is a brand new computer.  Can anyone tell me what's going on and how to fix it?
  • Err... I highly doubt it's spyware or the like (which is why I originally put this in the Windows XP forum).  I've done all those tests so I'm inclined to think its something else entirely - especially since it seems to be Dell sponsored....
  • I have the same problem.  Did you find a discussion forum that has a solution to this.  How ridiculous!  I just spent good money on the new XPS, and now this garbage?  What's wrong with these people?  Do they want to keep their customers coming back, or not?  Stupid business decisions, if you ask me.  Dell can "stick it," when I buy my next pc.
  • No solution has been given.  It's bull.  I had to end up doing a PC Restore and reinstalling everything all over again.  I'm currently in the process of bickering with Dell over the time and energy I've put into this - and the complete lack of it that they've made me endure.  It's aggravating when a company won't stand behind their brand new product!
  • If you have it working now, cool!  But, I remember using firewall software or something that offers to disable "doubleclick," which I think redirects the link.  EZ Trust by Computer Associates could be it, but there is also a free version...AVG I think.

    There's some good stuff on this website...I've also used Secretmaker.  It's a pretty strong security program, but might have some bugs.  You would have to Google "secretmaker."

    Later on...



  • Here is the solution for your problem. It was giving me headaches.

    You have delete the following registry entry.


    This should solve your problem. I have verified it.

  • Update -
    The correct solution is get rid of GoogleAFE that came with Dell. This small snippet of junk is responsible for the redirection.
    By unistalling the GoogleAFE does not solve the issue then delete the registry key.
  • Suffering this same problem (as well as many others) with my brand new Dell E510.  In total agreement with the expressed opinions re the Dell product.  I get the Dell Search Page redirect when trying to access My Yahoo homepage and (other sites are no problem).  The Yahoo homepage redirect says "couldn't find", and the weather site redirect says "couldn't find".  Deleted all cookies and internet tmp files, and did a system recovery to time previous to the problem beginning...did not fix.  Would appreciate continued postings on any possible solutions. Would also appreciate any suggestions on how I can get my money back from Dell!! 
  • Hi Gwinsgolf
    I have provided the solution. This is very simple one. Please go to control Panel, Add or remove programs and remove the Google AFE. You don't have to do anything else.
    This should take care of your issue. Let me know if you still need any other information.
  • I have done the the uninstall via control panel/add-remove programs. I guess the first thing one needs to do when he/she buys a new computer, is to uninstall/remove the unnecessary programs (i.e., "junk") that these companies try to put on the edge of your plate.
  • Thank you, PiDad -- GoogleAFE removal fixed the problem. Any suggestions on removing other Dell trash programs that may become problematic?

  • If you cant find the GoogleAFE to remove in the Control Panel and also cant find the Hkey mentioned earlier in the thread, it will be listed under HKEY - Current User - BAE


  • I am having the same problem but there is no Google entry in my list of programs under add/remove...Now what?
  • Where do I find the registry entries?
  • Hey all, I'm having this very frustrating problem too.  I strongly dislike dumbed down, sypware-infested computers (like brand new DELLs.)  I didn't have the google afe program so tried the second fix by deleting the BAE registry entry but I still get a google search page.  It's slightly different from the first search page but it still interrupts browsing.  Anyone have any ideas for me to try?  Thanks in advance!