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  • Forum Thread: Transfer between pools

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  • Forum Thread: Two PS4000 Equallogic arrays

    Hi, I have one PS4000 array today, set up with 8x 300 GB SAS disks. This is set up with RAID 50 and 2 hot spare disks. Now I need more diskspace, and since 8 new SAS discs cost almost the same as the new array with 8 SATA discs I decided to buy a new array. I have devided my volume on the existing...
  • Forum Thread: Increasing drive capacity on EQL PS4000 array

    Hello, I work for a school district up in Alaska and I am their server specialist. We have 3 PS4000 san arrays. San Group1- Server Farm -has two PS4000 members, both have 16 drives. -one array has 16 1TB disks, and the other array has 16 200GB disks San Group2- Direct Replication target...