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  • Forum Thread: Dell Equallogic PS6000 Firmware upgrade

    Hi We have two equallogic PS6000 configured as below 1 Storage group with 1 pool ( Total 10.98TB / RAID-5 / 5.52TB Used / 5.46TB Free ) with two members in the same pool 7 Volumes as ( ClusterDisk1, ClusterDisk2, , HyperVDisk1, SQLDB, SQLLOG all thin provisioned ) WitnessDisk1, WitnessDisk2...
  • Forum Thread: Equallogic PS 5000 and Hyper V - Setup

    Looking for some setup suggestions with Hyper V. In particular I am not sure if I store the VVM Servers\VHD's on the iSCSI SAN or not. We have a new R710 Dell Server with 4 * 146GB SAS Drives. It will be running Server 2008 R2 DataCenter, and has 8 NIC ports. I was thinking of the following (but...
  • Forum Thread: PS4000 Equallogic CSV speeds

    I'm pretty new to SANs so bear with me. We just got an Equallogic PS4000X with 2 R710 Poweredge servers with the intention of clustering the servers using them for Hyper-v implementation. The R710s are running Windows 2008 R2 Core...clustered with the Equallogic (Raid 10 with SAS drives) through...