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  • Forum Thread: Dell EqualLogic MPIO

    I have three dell EqualLogics which i intend to use at one site with three R910's dell servers. On the switch level i also have three dell powerconnects that i have stacked. What would be the recommended redundancy path i should take for my SAN with regard to wiring? I also intend to use one EqualLogic...
  • Forum Thread: Questions regarding snapshot volume reserve and behavior

    We were getting cramped for space on our SAN and upon looking at it, I noticed that we had about 17 TB of space in use and 14 TB reserved for snapshots. This seems way too high taking into account how our data changes combined with what I've read. I'd like to pose an example and see if someone...
  • Forum Thread: Replication Report

    Hi Does anyone know of a way to have the equallogics send out a report on all the replication done for the last 24 hours? Thanks
  • Forum Reply: Re: Replication setup between PS5000X and PS6000XV

    Thx a lot! Case-sensitiv group name was the thing. But I cant understand why it is case-senstive and could not find this documented anywhere. I have been both googling and reading the documentation for the last couple of days without getting a hint about this. One other thing, the documentation...
  • Forum Thread: PS6000 iSCSI setup

    I am setting up an iSCSI environment for a Windows Server. I will be using 2 Dell Poweconnect 7024s , 1 Dell PS6000, and a Windows Server (2008 R2). I have more experience in fiber switches and EMC VNX series SANs than I do with the Powerconnect and PS series products, so I have a few questions. 1...