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  • Forum Thread: How VMware iSCSI LUNS are Presented to Windows Server 2008 R2 Std

    Hi all, I am hoping for some clarification. I have a Dell Equallogic PS400XV SAN and were using a windows server 2008 R2 std with backup EXEC 2010 R3 ith the VMware AVVI angent for backing up our VMware infrastructure. I read that I should disable automount which had been done at the beginning...
  • Forum Thread: Help regarding Subnets and performance

    Hi Guys, first time posting here so be gentle. I am having some issues with the performance of my backups and I think to some extent the iSCSI speed from the VM Host. I'll give you the setup as it is and try and cover all configs to get plenty of details here for you. First off...
  • Forum Thread: Dell EqualLogic MPIO

    I have three dell EqualLogics which i intend to use at one site with three R910's dell servers. On the switch level i also have three dell powerconnects that i have stacked. What would be the recommended redundancy path i should take for my SAN with regard to wiring? I also intend to use one EqualLogic...