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DSITV not showing in vsphere web client


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DSITV not showing in vsphere web client

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I just installed RMSV and registered the vsphere web client plugin with vcenter on the DSITV 4.01 appliance but I do not see the icon for dell storage in the client. I have restarted both the vsphere web client and the DSITV appliance with no luck.

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  • Could you please capture the following details:

    1. vCenter version 

    2. vsphere client virgo logs traces. 


  • Vcenter version 6.0.0 build 5318203. I have the virgo log. What specifically are you looking for?

    This is VCSA and not the windows version.

  • Could you please verify the below:

    1. From the VC console; Navigate to Administration-> Solutions -> Client Plug-Ins and verify whether plug-in is getting listed ?
    2. Verify whether the logs has some details on "Downloading plugin package from <URL>" , " Done downloading plugin package from <URL>",  Deploying plugin package <version>, and "Deployed plugin package <version> to confirm the plug-in is registered and downloaded properly.
    3. Please try clearing browser cache and launch the vcenter GUI. 
  • Ajith,

    I upgraded my vcsa to 6.5 over the weekend and just noticed that DSITV does not support 6.5 currently. Do you know if a release is planned to support this version soon?

  • Can you please confirm the DSITV version.  

    With DSITV version 4.1.1 release

    • Dell Storage vSphere Web Client Plugin supports VC version  5.5 - 6.5.
    • Replay Manager Service for VMware supports VC version 5.5 - 6.0.


  • Where do I download 4.1.1?

  • Hope you're able to download the latest DSITV version and able to deploy the same successfully. Thanks. 

  • Hi Ajith,

    The Dell engineering team is working on this issue now. Apparently it is an issue with DSITV. They sent me the latest 4.1.2 version and it has the same issue. I will keep everyone updated once a fix is available.

  • Hi Ajith,

    The issue is resolved now. I detected duplicate ip addresses with the DSITV and this was causing the issue. I allocated another ip address and restarted vcenter server and the plugin works now.