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CLI based access for the Dell compellent array.

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What CLI is supported by "Dell compellent" storage array? I don't want to use GUI based (Enterprise Manager & Storage Center). Please provide some pointers for the CLI, if any.


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  • You can SSH into the Compellent.

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  • Thanks for the quick response Smile. I will try doing this, but still I have a doubt. So the Use case is The volumes are mapped to a host and I want to manage volumes from that host through CLI. Is there any way of doing this without doing an ssh?


  • Also adding to the above question... All the above questions are related to linux host. And if there is any documentation related to CLI guide please provide.



  • The only thing like what you're looking for I've seen is the Command Set which is a collection of Windows PowerShell scripts. To be honest Compellent is extremely Windows-oriented - I'm impressed that their support for Linux extends beyond "it should probably work with defaults". I've never tried the PowerShell commands myself but they may be hackable to work on a Linux environment.

  • For non-windows based platforms, you can use the java based Command Utility (CompCU) available at:

    You can get the documentation here: