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  • Forum Thread: SAN network seems slow

    Good morning, I'm looking for input about how our setup might be better arranged. Overall, the best throughput we can get is 30-40MB/s tops. Higher IO operations such as roaming profiles take an extraordinary amount of time. We're using Citrix XenDesktop 7 with only 80 total desktops, often...
  • Forum Thread: Changing the Subnet of the Group IP

    Hello All, is there a possibility to change the Netmask of an EQL after it has been set up? In the GUI i have only found that place where to change the Group IP and the Place where I can Manage the IP and Netmasks of the Interaces. Same for the CLI. Is the Netmask of the Group IP just the same...
  • Forum Thread: Dell EqualLogic MPIO

    I have three dell EqualLogics which i intend to use at one site with three R910's dell servers. On the switch level i also have three dell powerconnects that i have stacked. What would be the recommended redundancy path i should take for my SAN with regard to wiring? I also intend to use one EqualLogic...
  • Forum Thread: PS6000 eth0 will only connect at 10 or 100 Mb/s

    We have two EQL PS6000 running firmware 5.1.2. Today both eth0 interfaces dropped down to 100Mb/s. I've moved the interfaces to different ports and played around with the port speeds on the switches. eth0 refuses to connect at any speed except 10 or 100Mb/s. Any advice would be greatly appreciated...
  • Forum Thread: Ethernet ports incompatible with DCB!!!

    Please any one help me? I am seeing " Ethernet ports incompatible with DCB " in SAN HeadQuarters. Please suggest what i have to do. Is this an issue?
  • Forum Reply: Re: Equallogic PS4110X Flow Control problem

    Thank you so much!!! This helped me a lot. I am seeing the warning many days ago. Please tell me if i upgrade the eql firmware then, is there any performance issue with I/O reads & writes?