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Random files created


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Random files created

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I have a Equalogic PS4100. It has a LUN that is passed by ISCSI to a file server. It has >14TB of medical image files on it. A large chunk of files appears to be corrupted. The file extension has changed for numerous files to a random string (xxxxxxxxxxxsuff )and all the affected files are now all the exact same size. Any ideas on what did this? Can I run a scrub on the volume to repair? I have not found any signs of ransomware and have ruled that out. 

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  • Hello, 

     This sounds like possibly you have two more more servers connected to it?  Or did at one time?   Make sure the volume ACL only allows one server to connect to it, and that "Allow Multiple initiators" is unchecked. 

     First create a snapshot of that volume.   Then run chkdsk on it to make sure that filesystem is OK. 



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