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Re-thinning Volumes


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Re-thinning Volumes

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We have 3 volumes on our file server which are directly connected to the SAN using iSCSI Initiator. We have changed these to thin provisioned. The file server is running Windows server 2012.

We have installed ASM version 5 onto the file server, however when we go to re-thin the volumes they are greyed out saying, Disabled: The firmware on the PS Group does not support rethinning). The firmware on the storage array is version 8.1.1.

Is there a way to re-thin the volumes?

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  • Hello, 

     Did you set the access control for the VSS-Control volume on the Group for the three servers?  In the Group Configuration there's a tab VSS/VDS.  Make sure you have added the three servers there. I typically use the IQN name of each server. 

     In the MS iSCSI initiator, in the targets tab, you should see the vss-control volume there and be able to log into it. 

     Are these volumes using EQL replication?   If so, then SCSI UNMAP / re-thining isn't supported. 



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