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Chap Error Message


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Chap Error Message

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I get the error message below even though CHAP is disabled.  How can I fix this?

Level: ERROR
TIme: 1/22/10 2:27:53 PM
Member: administrator
Subsystem: MgmtExec
Event ID: 7.4.3
iSCSI login to target XX.XX.XXX.49:3260,' from initiator ',' failed for the following reason:  CHAP user'mpio-xxxx-testdc1-0-8z0906-90dcc2d05-8c48ab5ae504b423'authentication failed.

I have added x's to replace part of the ip address and the server domain name.

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  • Dell answered my question.

  • Hi Nelie,

    Would you mind posting the solution here in case anyone else runs across this issue?

  • The EqualLogic MPIO code makes use of CHAP at a deep level to provide access from all available initiator interfaces on your server, and requires it to be enabled. If you see this message, you have likely disabled it. To fix it, please go to the PS Array GUI, and make the following change:


    Group Configuration

    iSCSI tab

    iSCSI initiator configuration

    Enable the check box for "Consult locally define CHAP accounts first"


    And then save the change. The error should stop, and your MPIO functions should begin to operate properly.


    Let me know if this doesn't help.