I highly recommend utilizing an SMTP forwarder for your Equallogic group to send you notifications and to send support your diagnostic files and "email home or emhome" messages. You can setup either a Windows or Linux server easily with a NIC on both the segregated iSCSI network and the LAN. Just make sure the "FROM" matches the information in the email header or else "smtp.ins.dell.com" may block your messages from being delivered, I've had the messages sit queued on my Linux mail forwarder for up to 6 hours before. This didn't ever occur until last August when Dell made some security changes to their servers.

Look in your email header for the line that has a (HELO yoursmtpforwarder.yourdomain)

example - Received: from fw.comanyx.com (HELO linuxserver.internaldomain.local)

The from in this line would be the one that Dell's server is going to reference, and if your email is sumogroup@internaldomain.local then it will fail, just change the FROM in your group preferences to the from in the header.

example -

Lots of the Equallogic support technicians will still ask you to send the diags using the method, telnet or ssh into each member, run the diag command, ftp the diags down, ftp the diags up to the technician. I have 15 production PS6510 so there is a disk that goes out almost everyday, I don't have time for that nonsense and that is why I created an SMTP forwarder in the first place, it takes me about a second to click the "Diagnostic reports" link and paste the technicians email address in. So, with this fix in place they will not be missing pieces and blaming the emailing process for being unreliable.