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My New Dell HDD shows 1185 days power on time


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My New Dell HDD shows 1185 days power on time

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I just bought 4x 1TB Dell WF12F (ST91000640NS-DELL) hard drive.

One of them are failed to work with orange led link. I'm gonna send it back.

But other ones are also showing that on SMART data they were working for 1185 days! Is it normal or this drives that I got is used?

I see that Dell have firmware updates, I don't know how to update them.

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  • Hello chonk,

    What system did you purchase these drive for as you didn’t list that in your post? Also were the drives marked as new when you received them or were they stated as something else on your packing slip or order?

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    DELL-Sam L
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  • I bought them for Poweredge R620 server. They were marked as new, and I opened them from their package. So it's definetely new unused drives. I bought them from

    It might be firmware issue, but I can't update HDD firmware. Is there a way to update HDD firmwares. Dell's driver page have firmwares, but it's all .exe files. I tried to connect it to Windows machine but update file didn't work either.