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Dell PowerVault MD3220i to factory options


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Dell PowerVault MD3220i to factory options

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Good Morning,

I have a Dell PowerVault MD3220i, which I want to reset to factory options.

I am conected by console, but when we access it gives us *** Expired

Press within 5 second: <S> for service interface, <BREAK> for baud rate *** Expired

And he does not let us do anything else.

We do not know what IP's are assigned the interfaces, so we are trying to access by COM port

Please, how could you access or reset factory settings in this cabin?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hello Tecnico_Cartagon,

    With an MD3xxx system to reset the system back to factory defaults it is best to contact support so that they can assist you in resetting the system back to factory. Now the issue that you are running into is when you get the message about pressing S within 5 seconds you need to hit escape and that will take you into the other menu. Now once there you can reset the system but you will need the password from dell to reset the system & we won’t provide the password as it must be done by a dell technician. Now if you are good at doing a web search you can find the steps on how to reset your MD3220i back to factory with the password.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    DELL-Sam L
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