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MD3200 - SAS Port(s) Fail After Firmware Update


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MD3200 - SAS Port(s) Fail After Firmware Update

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WOW!  I updated the firmware on the MD3200 to latest and everything appeared to go well. Now one controller is not visible in MSDM and I get a "needs attention" message indicating the SAS ports failed on both controllers. Drives are all visible within MSDM so the controller has life.

How can a firmware update that goes well yield this result? Unit is not under support any longer, so I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction to hopefully resolve this.

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  • Hello Dell2001,

    Did you happen to gather a support bundle before the firmware upgrade? Also were there any errors on your MD3200 before you preformed the upgrade? Do you have the serial cable that came with your MD3200 & can you connect to the controller that is not showing & see if it is stuck in a boot loop? What version of firmware do you move from before

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    DELL-Sam L
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  • I did not gather a support bundle before the upgrade.The firmware was at prior to updating to  There were no errors or alerts and the big beautiful blue light I'm really missing right now was on. The array was not being used and had no drives in it and was not connected to any Host.

    I can connect to the array with the serial cable. Both controllers appear to hang at "Adding 14606 symbols for standalone."

  • Is there no course of action to take? I tried Dell support, but can't get past the front gate. Can I expect my other Dell hardware to simply stop functioning after an apparently successful firmware update?