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Strange slit


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Strange slit

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   DR4100 with 10 1Tb drives. Used the bios of the R610 to build a Raid 6 with one hot swap drive. Open in Dell OpenManage server Administration and the configuration was there and correct at 6+ Tb. But when I opened the storage in the management console of windows 2008 R2 it asked a question and then set the DAS as disk0 and split it as a 2 Tb and 4 Tb. I can set up the 2 Tb as a simple disk but not the 4 Tb, option not there. I want it as a 6 Tb, thoughts to fix this? I was going to try to delete it and retry setting it up. Thanks.

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  • Hi,

    Is the BIOS configured for bios or UEFI mode and is the drive partition in MBR or GPT. If it is bios and mbr there will be a 2TB limit. 


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