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Problem with H700 Perc Raid Array under SBS2011


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Problem with H700 Perc Raid Array under SBS2011

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Hello after having changed a HDD due to E1810 Error the new HDD shows capacity 0GB in the OpenManage ... how to proceed ?

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  • Hi,

    Can you post a screenshot? Did the drive start rebuilding? What state is it in? Is it an identical drive? Have you reseated it?


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  • The images were to big I suggest to send you the images seperately if you could send me an email adress to send the images to ...

    So the old HDD showed a capacity of 1.8TB, the new one (first image shows 0 TB size.)

    As the SMART Data is being read you can see the hard disk type .... and the firmware version...

    In the next image you can see the old HDD after having tried the new one I retried the old disk and it started automatically a rebuild ... :

    So after the rebuild finished I retried to insert the new hard disk ... I put the newly rebuilt defect HDD to offline and then reentered the new HDD ... :

    Same problem and there is now way to influence or format the new HDD ?

    Any ideas ?

    What do I do wrong ?

    Best regards


  • I can give you a link to a drop box with the images ... ?