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IP of SAS/iSCSI bridge


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IP of SAS/iSCSI bridge

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I have aquired a used SAS/iSCSI bridge.  I have reset the TL2000 that it is installed in to factory config via the front panel.  The bridge is not pingable on its default IP ( nor any IP on that subnet (

I am plugged into the Ethernet port closest to the SAS port.

The ethernet light blinks with packets (ARP) received.

There is a green blinking light.

Short of an exhaustive scan of all IP space with an nmap ping scan, is there no other way to determine its IP?  Or, better, to reset this device back to its default IP,? Can I send a broadcast to it to learn what IP it has been configured for? (ICMP broadcast does not seem to result in a response).  I have seen references to a LANScan utility.  What is its URL?  Does it require you to know which subnet the device is assigned to, or will it work regardless of how this device has been configured by its previous owner.

Submitting an idea for improving the next revision:  A reset button would be quite handy for this type of thing! 


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  • Update:  I have located the machine's IP, and have gotten to the web configuration interface.

    However, it appears that the default password is not working.  So, while I no longer need help learning its IP address, it appears that I now need help getting the password reset.


  • it doesn't look like there's a simple way for you to do it, the library web GUI doesn't give any info?

  • the default is "admin"

  • tapelibraryfixer
    it doesn't look like there's a simple way for you to do it, the library web GUI doesn't give any info?

    Not that I could find, no.  From all appearances, the iscsi/sas bridge module receives power from the unit but doesn't interface with any of the normal logic (configuration, monitoring, control, factory reset, etc.) presented by the rest of the system.

    I was able to luck into finding the IP via an exhaustive search, however, so one problem down!

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  • tapelibraryfixer
    the default is "admin"

    Yeah, I tried logging in as 'admin'.  It didn't work. 

    I found other pages suggesting logging in with DELLSUPPORT to get a challenge code for password reset.  Have done so, and sent it to DELL-Sam-L in a friend request (is that the only way to PM someone in this forum?).  No reply yet.  If there is another Dell employee willing to process that request, I'll send it your way.

  • Hello tmdhou,

    Are you connecting via a laptop to your TL2000? So have you tried to make sure that both the laptop direct connected to the TL2000 can ping the address but can’t get to it via any web browser? Have you tried to see if you can access it via

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    DELL-Sam L
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  • I have been able to get into the web interface of the library, and can log into it no problem.

    I have been able to determine the IP address of the iSCSI/SAS bridge, and can get to its web interface.  I cannot, however, log into it.  It needs a password reset.

    I tried logging in with DELLSUPPORT and got a password reset code.  I have sent it to you in a friend request (couldn't find any other method for PM'ing you).  If you need me to resend it again via another method, please let me know.

    Would you please send me the password reset login? (based on the code that I sent you in the friend request)

    Thank you!

  • issue solved --------- thanks :)

    Hello TMDHOU,

    could you please tell me how can you determine the IP address of the iSCSI/SAS bridge?

    Thank you!