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PowerVault Logs report failed RAID Module - but all appears well.


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PowerVault Logs report failed RAID Module - but all appears well.

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Recieved an e-mail from our PowerVault MD3220i yesterday showing the following message:


Host ID: Out-of-Band

Event Error Code: 1710

Event occurred: Mar 15, 2016 2:54:45 PM

Event Message: RAID Controller Module wide port has gone to failed state Event Priority: Critical Component Type: RAID Controller Module Component Location: Enclosure 0, Slot 1


However, looking at the management console it shows everything is running and clear states: 'Storage Array Status is optimal'


No loss of service was reported during this event, everything working ok and the two servers that make up the cluster using this SAN as shared storage are all running as they should.


The event log shows one error related to this e-mail, followed by a number of informational events concerning things like Physical Disk Timed Out, Initiators failed to register, etc but I also recieved an e-mail saying 'Needs attention condition resolved' (although the order was a bit odd).


It would appear all is ok, the RAID controller had a bit of a 'wobbly' but seems to have resolved itself however I am concerned this has happed.


I've taken a Support Data Package in preperation to send to Dell, but I'm not in the office until next week and I can't do a support call via e-mail for this according to the website but have to call.


Any thoughts?  Should I be worried?  Appreciate if a Dell Support Rep could contact me.



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  • Hello Pete,

    When you are getting the degraded wide port error the MD is unable to connect to a certain path.  What is the current version of firmware that you are running on your MD3220i?  What I would also do is to check all your iSCSI connects to ensure that they are all active & that there are no lose connections.  If the error is still happening then we will need to review the support bundle to see what is causing your errors.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    DELL-Sam L
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  • Hi.  Been meaning to reply sooner.

    Firmware version is

    I had another set of e-mails from the unit over the weekend, again, stating the RAID controller module wide port has gone to failed state.

    Again, by the time I remoted in to take a look everything appears normal and everything functioning correctly.

    Event log shows the alternative RAID controller module kicking in while the the other goes into a failed state.  After a few minutes it shows that everything is back to normal.  However, do also have 'Host topology - Initiator registration failed' information event showing as well.

    Everything however is running as I would expect.

    Appreciate any help.