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Dell PowerVault 124T

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Hi, i am new in dell world and i have a concern regarding powervault 124t tape loader. My Robotic library is DELL PV-124 T and my Tape Drive is IBM Ultrium-HH4. i have a backup solution called backup exec 15 installed on my dell power edge 320. everytime i run backup the state always turn offline and the error message is "Robotic Library destination element full error" does i have a problem with robotic library or in tape drive or on my backupexec 15 backup solution?

i already test using  ITDT graphical Edition and this software detects the IBM ultrium HH4 tape drive. 

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  • Hello wvillabroza,

    The error message that you are getting is that a tape is trying to insert a tape into the drive and it is not able to as most likely there is already a tape in the drive. What you can do is if you have access to the web utility for your PV124T then you can check & see how many tapes are in the system and also see if there is a tape in the drive. If you don’t have the web utility configured then you can also use the operator control panel to see if there is a tape in the drive & if there is then you can eject it out the drive & move it to an empty slot or out the mailslot. Here is also a link to the user’s guide and if you need to setup the utility it has some step by step instructions on how that can be done.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    DELL-Sam L
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