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Reconstruction after Syswipe...


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Reconstruction after Syswipe...

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Is there any possibility to restore or reconstruct array configuration after using syswipe on MD3000i?

thanks I.

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  • Hello Pumrat,

    Once you do a syswipe on an MD3xxx system you are not able to recover the array configuration.   When a syswipe is issued it writes 1 & 0 over every MB of space & destroying all previous configurations. The only way to try to recover the array is to take the drives to a software recovery company & they may be able to recover the array

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    DELL-Sam L
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  • hello,

    two years ago a repaired Promise array with damaged DDF stuctures, so I hope it will be the same.

    I have another question... is "set diskGroup [diskGroupNumber] addPhysicalDisks=(trayID1,slotID1

    ... trayIDn,slotIDn) raidLevel= ...." from SMCli un-destructive for data?