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Powervault 114x error code C


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Powervault 114x error code C

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we have a powervault 114x that we use for backing up data, currently when i try to do a back up im getting an error code C on the tape drive. can anyone plse assist what the error means and how do i get it fixed.

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  • The A on the drive just means that the drive didn't go back to the home position. all you need to do is to hold in the eject button for 20 seconds and the drive will reboot. Once the drive reboots then make sure that the A error doesn't return. If the drive comes back as a ready state then try to run your backup & see if you get the same error again.

  • C = Cleaning Tape Required

  • Hello lox127,

    What you need to do is as tapelibraryfixer stated that you need to run a cleaning media through your tape drive. Now if you are getting this error every time that you run a back job than it would be best to look at the logs from the drive to see what other errors are happening.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    DELL-Sam L
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