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Precision T5600 SAS/SATA Perc H310


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Precision T5600 SAS/SATA Perc H310

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Hi All

I just received a new shiny T5600.  I have a question about the Perc controller, as I am not able to find any details on other forums or the internet.

I have a SSD which I connected to SATA1 and installed Win7 64bit.  The DVD drive is connected to SATA0.  On the motherboard, I noticed a SAS1 port connector, as well as four SATA connectors (numbered HDD0,1,2,3).  I wish to connect an additional hard drive to one of these ports, but amy getting nowhere with this.  Windows does not detect the drive, nor list any storage controller being installed.  I have downloaded and installed all the drivers.  The SAS Raid Driver fails to install (update package is not compatible with your system configuration).

The BIOS only lists the two SATA ports, and lists the devices connected to it, but no other ports.  During startup, there is no prompt to enter any RAID config (usually Ctrl+R). 

The SATA operation mode is set to AHCI, and I have tried ATA (the only other option available) but nothing positive as to the other SATA ports.  Am I to assume that the 'hardware' (controller) is there, but can't be used?

Would be grateful to any help or advice.



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  • Just did some testing with a new T5600 with BIOS A07, and figured I should set the record straight.

    • HDD ports 0-4 on this board WILL activate if the PERC H310 card is removed and a device is connected to at least one of the HDD0-4 ports. 
      • The storage controller activated appears to be the integrated Intel C600 chipset 4 port SAS/SATA controller, with PCI ID 8086:1d6b.
      • This chipset is documented to support SATA III speeds and TRIM but both are untested at this time.
      • When two or more drives are connected, the BIOS option ROM screen is enabled for "Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology enterprise", with configuration utility available by typing Ctrl-I during boot. SCU Option ROM is version
      • When one drive is connected, the option ROM setup will not appear but the controller still functions normally.
      • When no drives are connected at startup, the controller will not be activated.
      • All ports 0-4 are activated and usable simultaneously in this configuration.
    • The onboard SAS1 (SFF-8087) connector does not seem to function in any configuration. 
    • The onboard "RAID" controller WILL NOTactivate and ports HDD0-4 will be non-functional if the PERC H310 card is reinstalled in any available slot (1,2,4,5), whether any drives are connected to it or not.
      • A non-Dell (non-LSI?) SAS controller I was able to test does NOT cause the onboard SATA controller to be disabled like the PERC controller.
  • thanks.

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  • I do not thing they bother making a single cable. Yes, you can get the 4 port cable and just use 1 port. You can search around for the type of cable you want on various sites. The port on the RAID card is SFF-8087. So you are looking for SFF-8087 to SATA cables.

  • Thank you very much.  I have now sourced the cable and I am looking forward to putting it to use!

  • thanks.