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AX150 SPB will not obtain an IP address


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AX150 SPB will not obtain an IP address

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SPB in my AX150 shows as Unmanaged.  I can see in DHCP that is it not grabbing an IP address, so the Navisphere Initilization Utility won't see it.  Any suggestions?

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  • An EMC array won't do DHCP for the management ports. If you initialized the system with only SPA plugged into the LAN (or only SPA had finished booting),

    If an SP is unmanaged, you may need to check if the SP has actually finished booting. It should have a status led on the SP. This can be:

    - solid amber

    - blinking amber at 0.25 Hz (once every 4 seconds)

    - blinking amber at 1 Hz (once a second)

    - blinking amber at 4 Hz (4 times a second)

    - off

    Solid amber means the SP has a problem. The blinking amber stages are pre-post, post and boot. Once the boot finishes, the amber light goes off.

    What is your warning light doing?

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  • Oh, I didn't know it doesn't grab an IP address.  I will look at the lights in a little bit and let you know.  However, I ran the Navishpere Initilization Utility yesterday and it finds the SAN, and it shows both SPs, but SPB is greyed out and I cannot set its IP address.  On a possible related note, the SAN does not see the UPS even though the UPS cable is plugged in.  I know the cable is correct because it works fine on another AX150 I have.