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Accidentally deleted IP address on server connecting to MD3200i


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Accidentally deleted IP address on server connecting to MD3200i

  • I'm trying to figure out some network IP conflict issues and noticed that our server connecting to our MD3200i had two IP addresses on the same NIC. I deleted the 192.168... address not realizing it was maintaining a connection to our MD3200i for drive storage.

    I did not write down the 192.168... address, and I'm now having trouble trying to reconnect to the MD3200i. How can I reconnect to it? I've created a new static address since it's similar to the address one of our other servers is using to connect to the drives, but it's not working.

    The iSCSI discovered target is stuck on Reconnecting.

    The servers and drive array are all out of warranty, so I can't get any help from Dell.

    Thanks in advance,

    J. J.


    A VLAN conflict error on our server revealed the IP address. Was able to add it back on the server NIC settings and it started working again. Didn't have to do anything with iSCSI Initiator or anything.

    I would be curious to know how to fix it in case we could not find the old IP, though.

  • Hello J.J,

    When that happens, if you are using out of band management you can connect to MDSM and check host access & see what IP address are that were used to connect the host to your storage. Also, here is the link to MDSM administrator guide and if you look on page 56 it explains how to view host access.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    DELL-Sam L
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