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MD3820f DDP or RAID 10 ?


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MD3820f DDP or RAID 10 ?

  • Hello,

    We are installing new SAN for our VM

    have lot of virtual machines and large write %

    the storage will consist of 24X10K sas drives and it's time to choose between 24 X Raid10 and 24 X DDP

    DDP main advantage is reliability and fast reconstruction time, raid 10 should give much better performance.

    is there any way compare the performance difference of two by numbers?

    what is considered to be best practice now between both options?

    main goal is performance, but reliability counts also.

  • any advice here?

    we are currently debating rather go with 24 drive Dynamic disk pool

    or one big raid 10.

    advantages of DDP:

    more space (about 15TB vs 10TB of raid10)

    better reliability (can lose ANY two disks of array)

    better reconstruction times for failed drives

    better provisioning and expansion of array.

    it will be great to get all those benefits BUT the only issue we have with ddp is that there is no calculator or any documentation nowhere about its performance comparing to RAID10

    the workload consist of many virtual machines and have need of bursting random writes.

    can anyone here help comparing the total IOPS/performance of both configurations?

  • I have exactly the same question. What did you decide and do you have any data that influenced this decision?

    Thanks, Dan.