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IBM LTO-TDX Tape Drive Tool Windows 2008


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IBM LTO-TDX Tape Drive Tool Windows 2008

  • I'm trying to update my LTO4 drives in my ML6000 using the IBM LTO-TDX Tape Drive Tool but it fails to detect the drives. I'm using Windows 2008 and was wondering if this is supported?


    If not is there another tool or an updated version I can use?



  • I have the same problem with LTO-3 drive on Win2K3. In the log it says : SCSI0005E 'DATE' ScsiTarget::Drive association failed.

    Could be new ML6000 firmware..

  • What library f/w level are you using?



  •  520G.GS003

  • and by the way, all of my drives are Fiber... not sure why SCSI erros appear.

  • fibre via a switch to the server or direct attach?


    I'm going to do a quick setup to see what happens w/ mine....



  • Switch... I have 6 Fiber Drives... I have done firmware update many times... this latest one is having issues.

    Also, Library Service Utility is also not working " *** Could not gain administrative priveleges". Also a first, all previous versions were fine.

  • I am not seeing a problem upgrading my LTO FC drives to 85P8 w/ 2k3 and LTo-TDX.


    I suggest trying the ITDT tool that is bundled w/ TL4000 library. ITDT is the follow on tool for TDX. Simply download the latest f/w pckg and install the tool. It is a gui based tool very easy to use. Scan the bus, select your drive, hit f/w update and navigate to the LTO f/w for the ML6000 drives...


    I recomend the same steps for the 2K8 problem that started this thread, ITDT has been certified w/ 2k8.

    I will see if we can get the ITDT tool bundled w/ the ML6000 library f/w as well.



  • no luck.

    ITDT also doesn't see any drives.

    Backups are running fine.